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Why should I choose AFTERCARE ?

How can I take the services of Aftercare? You need to take the membership of Aftercare. Minimum membership period is of 1 year which needs to be renewed thereafter. Call us at our help line number (9836811992) or fill up the CONTACT US form in our website and our official will get in touch with you . They will explain and complete all the formalities for getting membership and henceforth the services

How can I be a member of Aftercare ? Call us at our help line number (9836811992) or fill up the CONTACT US form in the website and our official will get in touch with you . They will explain and complete all the formalities for getting membership

How do I Pay ? You can pay Membership amount favoring Aftercare through Cheque / DD/ Online NEFT/RTGS: Axis Bank, SURVEY PARK Branch, Kolkata     IFSC Code: UTIB0001143 Account No. 918020073066781

Do you provide emergency service? Yes we do provide emergency services through our network of association with major Kolkata hospitals.

How do I contact in case of emergency? Aftercare has help line number # 9836811992, 9674232374 which can be reached 24X7. Once you become a member of Aftercare, you will be provided a dedicated helpline number for emergency services.

How do I arrange Ambulance in case of emergency? You only need to call the help line phone number 9674232374, 9836811992. Aftercare official will arrange ambulance and facilitate the admission procedure at its associate hospitals.

Do I need to do all the formalities during the discharge from hospital? Aftercare official will do all the necessary things for you including insurance procedure at the time of discharge.

How Aftercare will keep contact with us? Every week the Aftercare official (or more frequently if you request) will call you and take the details of you over phone. If you need help the official will do the needful.

I regularly visit a particular doctor. Do I need to change my doctor if I become a member of Aftercare? If you are happy and comfortable with your physician we will follow with the particular physician only. In case you need some other consultation only then we will give you the guidance.

Can we get Home Service for diagnostics like Blood test, USG or X ray ? Yes you can get Home service for Blood tests, X ray & USG in case you need , but have to book services at least before 24 Hrs. Our trained Professionals will visit your home and do all tests.

How reliable is your Diagnostic Services ? You are getting services from renowned Diagnostic centres of the city who are our working associates. Moreover, such service providers are NABL accredited. So our services are one of the best and accepted by all.

How do I know your staffs are trustworthy? How are the staff / caregivers selected and trained? Our staffs comprise of carefully selected, trained health care professionals, and caregivers. Therefore we are directly responsible for the level of service they provide. We have stringent selection procedures and quality control measures that ensure that every staff member gives you consistently high quality service.

What are the various care packages available? There are broadly 3 type of plans given in our website, however, we can customize the care package to fit your needs. On the first visit, our staff or care giver, will help you design your care package.

Are there any additional costs to pay like transportation/commuting charges? Aftercare charges are of two types: Membership and add on service charges. Membership: this covers the service package that you have formulated with our staff, and will be paid through membership fees. Add-on services: If required needs to be paid extra. Please refer to the Services section for details.

What are the documents I need to furnish for registering a patient/ my parents/relatives? Our team will help you fill out all paperwork that we may require. You will need to give us copies of all recent health records and latest reports.

How is the privacy of my personal information maintained? Personal information and protection of your privacy is our highest priority. Without your permission, we will never disclose your information to any third party.

Do I need a physician’s authorization to avail the medical service offered by Aftercare ? Once your care package has been designed, you are welcome to discuss it with your physician. Only with your permission, our staff members may also speak directly with your physician. However, since most of our services are of a health care nature, discussion is always welcome

How do I know that my loved one is getting quality care? We provide regular progress reports to family members and will deliver them wherever required